Dmitry Podlesniy - master of sports

January 3rd, 2010

master of sportsи

master of sports of Russia

December 16, 2009 16/12/2009 Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of Russia Mutko VL signed an order conferring a sports title “Master of Sports of Russia” in mountaineering Podlesniy Dmitry! Dmitry performed the standard in the accelerated momentum of the required number of points for two years instead of four. Congratulations!

Championship of Russia - the second place!

November 30th, 2009

Odessa peak (4810 m). Route Kritsuka 6B

Odessa peak (4810 m). Route Kritsuka 6B

21/11/2009 judging took altitude-technical class of the Championship of Russia. In this class, in 2009, was represented by 8 teams: Groupage Moscow and Belarus, the team of St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Sverdlovsk, Rostov Region and Moscow. All teams submitted reports of serious climbs in different mountain systems in the world. Before the judges was a difficult task in the distribution of seats among the participants. And the more valuable that the team of the Rostov region, which includes our guide Dmitry Podlesny, with the passage in July of this year’s Tour Kritsuka 6B category of difficulty (the highest) at the peak of Odessa (4810 m) took second place! Read the rest of this entry »

Expedition to Karavshin of team the Rostov region finished

August 7th, 2009

Подлесный Dmitry Podlesny on the wall of the peak of 4810

Dmitry Podlesny on the wall of the peak of 4810

Team Rostov Region (which includes our guide Dmitry Podlesny) safely returned from the expedition in the Kara-Su Valley (Pamir-Alai, Turkestan Range)! The team climbed to the peak of 4810 on the route Kritsuka - 6b (the highest) category of complexity. They spent six days on the wall in two tents hanging platforms. Transferred to the tents as we move along the route. The ascent was complicated by severe weather, it is extrinsic to the region at this time of year. But despite all the difficulties, the team as a whole reached the summit and down safely! Congratulations!

An account of this ascent will be served Judges Cup of Russia in the altitude-technical class. The results of the Championship will be known in November 2009.

The command of the Rostov region (into which our guide Podlesniy Dmitry) has occupied 4 place in the Championship of Russia on mountaineering

April 25th, 2009

Western wall of Fisht Northern

Western wall of Fisht Northern

The command of the Rostov region  (into which our guide Podlesniy Dmitry), has occupied 4 place in XXVII championship of Russia on mountaineering of 2009 (a class of first-climb), having made first-climb on the Western wall of top of Fisht Northern (Caucasus). We congratulate!
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What makes rock-climbing so popular nowadays?

April 22nd, 2009

Perhaps the idea is that rock-climbing brings us closer to the nature by leading people out of blocks and cities towards something great and infinite. Probably it provides the opportunity just to breathe fresh air, to hide, escaping big city smog and bustle.
Rock-climbing enables harmonic personality development as it involves no human confrontation. It leaves no room for aggression. There is only the struggle within, against one’s own weakness and drawbacks, no matter whether they are physical or psychological.
Rock-climbing teaches perseverance, as well as determination, concentration and mutual understanding. It’s free from monotony due to the limitless variety of movements. Everything around is the creation of Mother Nature. Primeval mountains are the source of endless admiration!
To some of us rock-climbing gives new experiences and a chance to accept a challenge of mountain heights. Some are attracted by its strength and beauty, grace and dexterity interlaced together to arouse dramatic changes in human nature. Climbing changes one for the better, by widening one’s mental outlook, by bringing one to perfection; it instills self-confidence and develops one’s ability to estimate the situation and take proper decisions in a blink.
Actually, climbing is the most comfortable and emotionally satiating active recreation.
We offer exciting climbing tours on Crimea natural scenic routes. We have routes suitable both for advanced rock-climbers and for beginners of any physical level. Skillful coaches will help to gain basic climbing skills and provide necessary stand by on routes of varied complexity